Chopard announces young actor Zhang Linghe as a Friend of the Maison A pioneering interpretation of free spirits

November 15th, 2022 – Chopard has announced new-generation Chinese actor Zhang Linghe as the latest Friend of the Maison. Fearless and determined when facing the future, this vigorous young talent embodies the excellence, modernity and free spirit so dear to Chopard’s heart.

A rising star in the acting world, Zhang Linghe has received much acclaim from audiences for his subtle, natural performances, as well as his distinctive style, in a number of popular TV series including Love Between Fairy and Devil and Flourish in Time. Passionate about acting and self-development, he unfailingly immerses himself in the roles he plays, capturing the feelings and soul of each character behind the dialogue. Reaching for the unknown in his own inimitable way, off screen, he loves to push his limits and learn new things in other fields, such as basketball, movies, and astrophysics, while remaining completely true to himself as he charts his course through life.

The embodiment of modern style and a daring attitude, Chopard and Zhang Linghe will thus continue to demonstrate their vitality while making breakthroughs in exploring the unlimited possibilities of life. In the undaunted quest for perfection, dreams and ambitions never die.