Redefining the New World of French Wine with Jon Bonné

“The New French Wine” by Jon Bonné delves into the dynamic evolution and current revolution that is happening in winemaking in France, exploring how a new generation of vignerons is challenging traditional paradigms and revitalizing age-old techniques. Bonné illuminates the struggles and triumphs of these innovative winemakers, many of which we are immensely proud to see represented by our portfolio, as they navigate the complexities of France’s entrenched wine regulations and cultural norms. Jon Bonné discusses not only wine, but the important and sometimes inalienable, foundational cultural concepts that keep French wine bound to a certain degree of classicism and rigidity within the national understanding of this deeply romanticized agricultural product. His writing is exploratory on many levels and goes deep in to the difficult terrain of cultural mythology, something that has been paramount in establishing the international and domestic view of French wine throughout the past decades, if not centuries. Through vivid storytelling, Bonné sheds light on the barriers faced by these trailblazers, from restrictive AOC laws to entrenched hierarchies within the French wine industry. Amidst this challenging and often times complex tapestry of wine and society, Bonné showcases the resilience and creativity of these vignerons as they forge new paths and redefine what it means to produce exceptional wine.

At the heart of “The New French Wine” lies a celebration of authenticity, terroir-driven expression, and sustainability. Bonné invites readers to not only discover the diverse terroir and grape varieties that form the foundation of this burgeoning movement, but also helps contextualize these very human and personal narratives that occupy the best aspects of winemaking. The beauty of Bonné’s work is that his discussions and discoveries are not solely relegated to off-the-beaten-path and lesser-known appellations but rather take French wine in as a whole, allowing the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the contemporary landscape of some of the best known regions in the country. Through Jon’s observations and insight, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the principles guiding this new generation of winemakers who prioritize organic and biodynamic practices, minimal intervention in the cellar, and a deep reverence for the land. Here we find a steadfast representation of producers, winemakers, and vignerons that we are fortunate to work with here in Thailand, always believing in their ability to represent the most unique and exciting aspects of French wine to the world. There are far too many to solely list here, however we find this producer’s cuvée to be a shining example of this new French wine movement. If you are keen to learn more about New French Wine please find an video immersive interview with the author here, as well as this written interview that gives an excellent summary of the book.

Stated by the author as a “Benchmark” producer upon the pages focused on the mystifying region of Jura, we find that the wines of Stéphane & Bénédicte Tissot are indeed just that. A producer whose wines are essential in understanding and more deeply enjoying the wines of the Jura; winemakers whose philosophical ethos rings true to this new revolution in French wine while still upholding the traditions that led them here. A fantastic entry way into these wines is their “D.D” cuvée, comprised of the three prominent red grapes of the region, Pinot, Poulsard, and Trousseau all grown and vinified according to certified Biodynamic standards. For more dynamic and revolutionary French wines, please also visit our soon to open Cloud Wine Bar on the 3rd floor of The Commons Sala Daeng, where we will feature Jon Bonné’s book New French Wine for further information.

“The DD was produced with 40% Trousseau, 40% Pinot Noir and 20% Poulsard… and vinified and bottled without any added sulfur. This is very clean and precise with a very expressive nose and intriguing notes of cherry pie.” RP 93 – Luis Guitierrez for Robert Parker on the ‘19 vintage

Serve cooler around 14C; enjoyable now and until 2030. ABV 13%

Stéphane & Bénédicte Tissot Arbois D.D. 2020
Jura, France
Medium toned, pomegranate-hued, fresh, sapid with red cherry, tart fruit, and stoney herbs
Thb 2,000; special Thb 1,700

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