Under The Ice: Montblanc Goes Deep Sea Diving at Watches & Wonders

Luxury watchmaker spotlights the spirit of exploration with an experience that evokes the wonder of deep sea diving

While Montblanc is often associated with the spirit of mountain exploration, following adventurers the Maison is now setting its sights on the exhilarating adventures

that happen deep below sea for its presence at Watches & Wonders in Geneva. Rather than an ascent of 4810 meters to the summit of the Mont Blanc, Montblanc is taking visitors on an epic journey 4810 meters below sea level to discover its latest timepieces.

As guests enter the Montblanc booth, a bright lifeline, one akin to those used by divers, guides them from the entrance or  deep into the booth or , recreating the

Enhanced by a gradient floor and bold monoliths creating perspective, a gigantic luminous ice cube sits at the centre of the booth.

On the walls of the block, the stories of  the Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810   are unveiled. These interactive projections change and move according to flow of people, digitally controlled by kinetic sensors. Throughout the space, rays of light appear to break through into the space, giving the impression of looking up at sunlight from the darkness of the icy waters.

Additional pieces from the Iced Sea and 0 Oxygen collections are displayed inside the monoliths that surround and crown the ice cube. The deep blue color present throughout the booth installation is not only a reference to depths of the sea but to the blue color of ink that has been used by generations of storytellers to capture and convey extraordinary tales of exploration. Just as Montblanc writes stories, it writes time.

Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810

The theme of writing is also experience corner, which includes a Montblanc

Post activation where guests are invited to compose postcards with a Montblanc fountain pen to be mailed to friends and loved ones around the world. Three open displays allow all the watch details to be viewed closely without any barriers and for visitors to experience how the timepiece would look on their own wrist. A large surface of paper affixed to the wall invites everyone to leave their mark and be part of a watchmaking drawing. Meanwhile a dedicated Minerva room displays  latest high-end timepieces and gives visitors an insight into the historical watch manufacture world and technical savoir-faire.

Minerva room

During its presence at Watches & Wonders, Montblanc is introducing its latest Mark Maker  world champion freediver William Trubridge, the world’s deepest man who has freedived unaided on a single breath to a depth of 102 meters (334 feet). Just as the Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810 watch contains absolutely no oxygen for enhanced performance and durability underwater, Trubridge has achieved various records deep sea diving without any oxygen himself.